Get Connected...Be United

We were created for community...with God and with others. In fact, Jesus said, "Where two or three are gathered in my name, I'm there with them"  (Matthew 18:20). In light of what Jesus said and how he lived, we believe that if you want to grow in your relationship with Christ, you need to have intentional relationships with others on that same journey. This provides the foundation for our Community Group Ministry.

Community Groups consist of roughly 8-12 people journeying and growing in faith and relationship together. Our groups are a safe place to explore our faith as we form intentional relationships - friendships - that help us discover how to put that faith into practice in our daily lives. In other words, they are not primarily about education; they are about transformation as we grow in Christ...together.

If you are ready to explore and grow in your relationship with Jesus, consider joining one of our Community Groups. 

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