Click Here for Proximity Events

Click Here for Proximity Events

Proximity 360 United is now part of Anona Proximity


Every Monday and Wednesday after school the Youth Room on Anona Campus is open until 5pm for students and their friends. We offer a fully stocked Youth Cafe, comfy couches, ping-pong, billiards, board games, homework areas, group meeting tables, mission and service opportunities, music groups, and more.


Middle school and high school students meet in separate groups to learn more about how to interpret and apply God's Word found in scripture.  This is an opportunity for students to dive a little deeper into scripture than they would normally find on Sunday Nights or during worship.  If you've ever been curious about how to actually decipher what scripture is saying to you, this is a great group to join. 



Proximity is:Learning to Love God and Others.

  • Fun on Sunday Evenings
    Ping Pong, board games, xBox360, or just mingling, talking, and relaxing.
  • Discussing scripture and our faith
    We encourage students to ask hard questions and chime in with their thoughts and views as we seek to develop a deeper understanding of God and closer relationships with each other.
  • A weekly challenge
    Encouraging students to apply what we talked about to their daily lives.
  • Service
    We believe we are here to transform our community and the world!  We empower our student to be a part of that through mission opportunities both local and beyond